Monday, December 4, 2006

Water clock knows the time. Do you?

I was watching last night the third of the eight series documentary, titled "China, the dragon's ascent", which actually tells from where i chose the title. The series basically discusses china's history and evolutions, and how it became what it is now, in terms of business, religions, astronomy, ethics, war, and much more. From buddihsm, christianity, to the "dings", the descendants of the early muslim traders settled in china around a thousand years ago.
China has been in the shades for a century or more, for what has been of a closed door policy, or shutting down, as they have realized through their technological advance, astronomical acheivments, that they wouldnt ever find another civilization that would be more advance, or have anything to provide. It is then when one of the recent emperors said "Open the Door, it is glorious to be rich!". And since then, the chinese have been inflitrating every single house, school, and even you might see yourself carrying around you a phone made in china, or any other else. If not, rest assured that one or more of the components, was made there.
China is now at large, but how are they doing it ?
Simple, they got rules to follow, Sun Tzu's "Book of War", the imperial calendar (that predicts the future" and the ever need to become uniquely distinguished.
When they get married, or signing an important business deal, they refer to the imperial calender that tells them whether they should or not. Astronomical beliefs, despite its uncertainty, is a reference. When they conduct business or engage in war, they consult the book of war, which is told to be too general and could handle almost every situations.
Why am I talking about this ?
I'll tell you why, take a look at this picture, the chins invented what is called a water clock, to measure time in fixed measures, it took the guy that built it several decades, just to reach a conclusion that through certain amount of water applied to the machine, time can be calculated.
The man and the invention were described as unmatched genius.

Just to calculate time!!!

despite being one of the biggest consumer society, 1100 million polulation, they still got what it takes to be a producing society.

An american friend once told me, I noticed that you would get the latest phone, though you dont need it, a car with options you dont know, and a tv with specs you cant even spell. You look for what makes you look good (you think) than what does the job!

Another quote that i have in mind, cant remember which US president, but it went like:"When you go meet him, he will be in his tent, with pride like no other, but he rests on an ocean of oil. Your key, is to praise him, tell him how fancy he looks, how well built, how smart, and how nothing you are compared to him, then ask him anything, he eventually will be serving it to you!".

Seriously, the key to us is this, get me anyone, that if not properly boasted, would not do you what you want, its just a matter of how you do it!!!

not a question of CAN WE, but when we would start turning from just the consumer to the consumer/producer society, we got all what we need!
and when will we start looking at the population explosion as HR boost, rather than an economical crisis!

When will we open the door without getting carried away by what enters? and when will we look back to our references for guidance!

Back to work, back to work!